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  "Wellness Under Control"
Wellness! A perfect interaction of various elements ...
SPA controls elements
element harmony
...only if these elements are working together in perfect harmony, your wellness area will be the event you want it to be!

Therefore we offer not only single solutions for the various components:


But we also interweave them in an intelligent way and as individually as your facility!

Our technology is freely scalable and is adapted exactly to your requirements.
This is true for a complex wellness area as well as for a single cabin.

  Example of a spa with two steam baths and one experience shower. All elements (room temperature, bench temperatures, lights, aromas, audio and timing) can be controlled via a 5,7" touchscreen - comfortably and elegantly.
Sample SPA
Our touchscreens leave nothing to be desired, no matter what size or material. Even the handling of your spa will be a pleasant experience.
  Luxury and beauty in perfection!