New Horizons of Automation and Visualization
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  "What you see is what you control..."


Owing to an extremely modular software architecture and well-adjusted components we are in a position to create an individual virtual control desk for your system in a very short period of time – even to be used in various locations.

Energy optimisation
Start picture which leads to the various areas and enables you to control the facilities by touching the buttons with your fingertip!
light & audio control showers  & saunas

The software or the visualization is running on our touchscreens and is scalable from a small monochrome picture to a multimedia event on a 19” panel PC.

Flexibility and architecture
We offer e.g. solutions which enable you to control your system with a common PC which is situated in a presentable surrounding. Besides, you get a very true binary image of your system/area.

We think that an off-the-peg solution is not a feasible way. Therefore we adapt both the control- and the visualization software exactly to your requirements.

Another important factor is the use of a database. For this reason the recording of the values indicated over a period of time can be consolidated. This makes perfectly adapted temperature profiles and a complete supervision of the system/area possible. As a consequence energy losses can be traced and avoided.

As for fault locating, the root can be determined within a very short period of time, which makes the system extremely fail-safe.

Design and functionality in perfect harmony!