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New Horizons of Automation and Visualization
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Overview of the applicable operating devices
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Energy optimisation
Home Automation
The universal steambath control!
Our products and solutions…

GridControl® is a high tech company in the line of wellness area and home automation.

Corresponding to the various requirements in this branch we have gathered the necessary expert knowledge.
Only if all required components are working together in harmony your wellness area will be a success!

Therefore an intelligent networking of the various elements is needed!

The wellness-grid

Here we can offer an intelligent and individual control for your wellness or home concept!

Each of our components meets the industrial requirements and complies with international standards. This makes sure that your wellness area or your home automation can be used worldwide and will be working year after year just as it did on the first day. Quality is our most important directive.
Our solutions can, of course, also be used in classic building system control (e.g. central light or audio controls).
Last but not least there is the area of energy optimization. Here we can offer individual measuring variables and optimized operating times, which will reduce your energy costs considerably.

Applying a complex control technology does not necessarily mean that the handling is difficult. The user interface, i.e. the visualization is a very important factor in our solutions (see software).
This makes sure that complex technology remains easy to control!

GridControl, new horizons in automation and visualization!

"SPA in motion"

No matter if you want to equip a single cabin with function, audio and light or if your wellness area shall become an experience in itself:
"Just use our experience and our knowledge!"

Due to our long term experience and to our excellent quality many enterprises have given us their confidence. We would love to welcome you, too?