New Horizons of Automation and Visualization
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  PLC - controller
Our competence comprises SPS-type series of the following producers:   PLC controller
All FX-, ST-, AnS-, QnAS, Q- and Alpha -series
Möller Electric
PS3-, PS4-, and Easy -series
S5-, S7-, Logo- and TI -series
Texas Instruments  

Our user interface comprises touchscreen solutions from 8" monochrome screens to 19" industrial panel-PC. This makes all modern and appealing visualizations realizable.

- intuitive
- simple
- clear
- central

Besides, mobile solutions with PDAs, smartphones or handys are possible.

touch screens
Special modules

Light control:
Fully electronic modules with separate channels. For the realization of automatic light szenarios (e.g. sunrise and sunset simulations). Easy controllable by our touchscreen. Through this we also realize your individual wishes in the area of lighting engineering.
Sound module:
The GridControl Digital Sound Module is a full MP3-Player in industrial standard quality. Fed through a common 512MB CF-Card and controlled by our wellness control system, there are practically unlimited possibilities for usage.

special modules
Control cabinets (control unit)

Also the “packaging” of our reliable electronic systems has to be of a very high quality. We only use high quality control cabinets of renowned manufacturers.
control units
All parts assembled by us fulfil all common standards and have all common certificates. Even marine approval is not a problem for us. Our control cubicles can be supplied in sheet steel in all RAL colours or in high-grade steel for special requirements. standards