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The individual house control which leaves nothing to be desired!
From one or more touchscreens you can control all areas and functions of your house or your flat. From the lights to the individual temperature control for each room up to the media control (TV, audio and Internet) and beyond – everything is possible.
SPA controls          
Die ideale Haussteuerung
The house automation which thinks for itself!

The individual and extremely appealing operation is perfected by the automation of certain sequences, which is adapted to your wishes.

The days are gone when you had to think if all electric devices were switched off in the evening. Your home switches them off automatically!
Automatic scenarios for the morning and for the evening control the window blinds, the light and the temperature according to the position of the sun.
You can use the touchscreen to call preprogrammed scenarios. With one fingertip you can switch various devices at once.
One central control enables a highly efficient energy management. The various sources of energy can be coordinated in the best possible way.
Don’t economise on design, economise on your budget! There are no special switch series necessary with our technology. You can use any designer series from all manufacturers.
You might want to have alterations in the long run? Enlarge the scale of automation? There are unlimited possibilities for alterations. Just tell us what you want!
Comfort, Safety and Cost Effectiveness...
Touchscreen Operation with touchscreen (infos)
No matter if you want one big touch screen or various small ones – you will just love the way of operating and the design.
The modern and functional user interface which is designed for you individually enables you to see and to control everything in your home with a fingertip. Beautiful and comfortable!
  Licht   Experience Light...
Switch the lights for the rooms you want to enter in advance. See, where the lights are active in your home and switch them according to your wishes. One touch activates preprogrammed light areas. Spend a wonderful evening at home with automatic light scenarios.
  Heizung   Heating, Ventilation, Window Blinds and Solar
You need only one control to adjust the individual temperature for various rooms. Various types of heating (oil, heat pumps, fossil fuels) no longer require various controls. You save money and get a centrally coordinated, highly efficient heating. Your energy consumption decreases – and the costs as well.
  Räume   Scenarios
Activate and deactivate whole areas or rooms according to your wishes with only one fingertip. Thus a number of specific lights can be activated at the same time – and in addition to that e.g. the fume hood and kitchen devices. These are just helpful scenarios.

Computer, Internet and Media
Put your smartphone in the wall bracket and play your music in the house. From one point you can control your favourite music for the whole house. You can also keep a watchful eye on your house from every spot on the planet. Multimedia at its best!

Zutritt Access control systems and alarm systems
Open your home by a tip of the thumb! Our finger sensor doesn’t only open the door, but also activates the light etc. in the respective rooms. The touch screen enables you to check who has opened the door at what time or who is standing at the door right now. Safety and comfort go together.