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  Energy optimisation      
  Protect the environment and save up to 50% of your costs
Energy is getting increasingly expensive!
Therefore we offer you more than just state-of-the-art and functional controls – we optimize your energy consumption and power requirements. No matter if it is about your spa-area or a whole building, please have a look at our three steps to cost reduction:
SPA controls  
Software Steps of optimisation
Demo   Actual status
Energy optimisation    
  Development of an
energy concept
Realization / energy
1.) Actual status analysis
The actual status analysis comprises the registration of all energy relevant appliances and their universal hours of operation…
Identification of the main causes of costs
Registration of peak-times
Long-time analysis with database
Air quality assessment
For the reduction of warm used air
Analysis of switching times and temperature hysteresis
2.) Development of a comprehensive energy concept
Considering your individual energy-infrastructure, we will work out an optimal concept for cost reduction.
By detecting and identifying the various energy consumers from the phase of analysis, a number of methods for cost reduction can be used.
Here you can see an example of an analysis for a spa area.
3.) Realisation – energy management
This is about the methods we will frequently use for a realisation:
Intelligent load distribution considering the power requirement for certain times and seasons
Avoidance of an exceedance of the power provided by the supply company
Application of additional sensors for assessing the amount of energy which is actually needed
Application of alternatives
+ Energy-saving lighting (LED, energy-saving lamps)
+ Photovoltaic
+ Solar
+ Devices with a higher energy efficiency
+ Additional insulation
Optimised switching times and temperature hysteresis for:
+ Lighting
+ Heating (incl. heat pumps)
+ Ventilation
+ Cooling